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Provide Alternative text or ALT text for your images. ALT text is descriptive text which describes an image. It provides a description of what the image is and the purpose so that blind or visually impaired users can hear the descriptive text using screen reader software. Make sure your alt text is no longer than 125 characters. Do not use images that include text on your website, if possible, as an alternative provide an explanation of the image in text on the page.

Give your links descriptive names. When including links in your content provide a description of where the link goes. For example, “Click here” is not a proper description of link text. Instead say “To learn more about our delicious dishes, read Our Menu. Minimize having links open in new windows, as it can be confusing to users. If you can't avoid it, make sure that there is a warning that lets the user know they are leaving your website.

Don’t use random characters to separate links. Make sure that your website has appropriate color contrast. The color contrast ratio on your website must be at least 3:1 in order to be accessible. If there is video content on your website, make sure there are captions. If there is video or audio content on your website, there should also be a transcript. If you have a video on your website, be sure to provide a way for users to stop, pause, mute, or adjust the audio volume.